My Experience After My First Job After College Essay

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Almost any time I express interest in becoming a teacher, I get a look of disbelief or pity. If I dare include that I think middle school would be a good fit for me, there is a whole new level of skepticism. The most prominent protests come from teachers or retired teachers who simply beg me not to do it. They list all of the many challenges that come along with the profession, dealing with deadbeat parents, disrespectful students, low pay, long hours, shrinking budgets, minimal resources, standardized testing; the list goes on and on. Why in the world would I want to subject myself to such agony? At the risk of sounding naïve, I want to become a teacher because I care.
The first time I realized that I truly enjoyed education came when I landed my first job after college. The last year of college was one of the hardest I have encountered. I faced a lot of adversity in my personal life and it affected every aspect of my experience. Limping across the finish line, I completed the final semester with considerably less optimism than when I began. I was relieved to finish school and ready to make a fresh start. Considering my options, I pursued a volunteer position at a local zoo. Fortunately, I was offered a paid job during the interview.
That summer I worked with children whose ages ranged from four to 14 as a Zoo Camp Counselor. Each week brought a new group of campers and planning a schedule of activities for various ages proved challenging. While there were…

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