My Autobiography Research Paper

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Hey, look there's a pigeon... No l was joking! My name Amos Appendino and this is my story.I was born August 24, 2003 in St.Tropez, France. My mom is Elena Vitale, and my dad is Michele Appendino. I have three grandparents, one from my mom’s side of the family and two from my father’s side of the family. My mom is from Milan and my father is from Turin. I spent all of my childhood in Milan going to BES since I was 3. I love my family and all of my friends.
WHAT LIFE MEANS TO YOU Evan Carmichael said, “You were given this life because your strong enough to live it.” You need to care about life and be strong by passing through the bad moments; if you aren’t like this you die.
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lf l will not become a golf player I hope to find another job. Infact I will study at a university so if my dream will not realize l can easily find another job. By the way l have a pretty good expectation of my future: I want to marry a women and have two or three childs with her. I want to win to or three important world golf tournaments and achieve enough money to live the rest of my life; if not l find a job and continue to work until l will be old. lf l could change something of my past I would personally change nothing because l really like my …show more content…
It can be still or calm, rough or rigid, but in the end, it’s always beautiful.” l like my life because l nearly never fight with my friends or family and also if l fight with someone we make peace so in the end it’s always great. l have numerous friends with whom I go around very often and l have a happy family with whom l have always fun; this means a happy life. I hope that after middle school I will go to a good high school and have great grades so I can acess to a good university so I can have an easiest way to get a job when l will finish my golf carrier. When l will be a grown up l want to have the same life that l have now. When l will die l would like to be remembered as superman. “Be you now e dopo, e dopo, e dopo." says Amos Appendino to live a great

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