Essay about My Environment Is Owensboro, Kentucky

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The environment is the world in which we live. My environment is Owensboro, Kentucky specifically. According to, there are four definitions basically summed up to the world around you. The environmental movement however wasn’t the happiest news for businesses. As people became more environmentally conscious words like biodegradable and recycling became household phrases. The environmentally friendly products became popular and coveted. Books like Silent Springs and Burning Rivers brought attention to pesticide use and awareness to the pollution of environment. Rachel Carson’s book came out in the 60s so it might have had something to do with the changing times in the 60s and 70s. Lake Erie caught fire in 1969 coupled with the changing mentality and new awareness brought on environmental enlightenment. Though the Cuyahoga River leading to Erie had caught fire, the Chicago, Rouge and Buffalo rivers had repeatedly caught on fire. Hartig writes in his book Burning River, “Most citizens accepted the fires as part of the industrial operations that brought jobs to the area.” (When our rivers caught fire) Hatrig also tells a very personal story in his book about how they never stored anything of value in the basement because the sewage from the river backed up in the basement. Reading about this is hard and imagining is almost like trying to relieve a nightmare. It’s depressing that people thought this was normal. It was normal for sewage from the river to flood the…

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