My Definition Of Success In Life

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Success means a plethora of different things amongst the people in the world. One may feel successful, however another could look upon them and deem them unsuccessful. The definition of success fluctuates depending on the person and on the aspect of life. Success in education, relationships, employment, and family all carry a different meaning. To achieve success in all these aspects, one must find a balance which can prove to be difficult. My definition of success is based on whether or not I am happy with my life and what I am doing.
According to my definition of success, an important aspect to be successful in is education. Almost any form of employment requires some degree of education. To acquire the job that would make me feel successful, I must have an education that will support such an occupation. Maintaining good grades is very
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One cannot be hyperfocused on education and forget about relationships with other people. I want to be successful in all the aspects of my life. To do so, I set goals in each aspect that I want to accomplish and work towards that goal little by little. By performing well in school, I set myself up for an honorable career, which can bring opportunities to form relationships and possibly begin a family. Each of these aspects, education, relationships, employment, and family intertwine with one another, creating my definition of success.
Success is a term that has numerous meanings to a numerous amount of people. It can mean one thing to one person, and another thing to a different person. Success can be a confusing thing, however when broken down into aspects it becomes easier to understand. My definition of success depends on whether I am happy in my life. If I am, then I am successful. Important aspects of success are education, relationships, employment, and family. All of these aspects seem drastically different, but actually connect with each other creating

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