My Day Trip At The Edisto Beach Trip Essay example

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Our memory is where our mind stores and remember all of the information we know (Memory, 2015). Everyone’s memory is different, because we do not all store the same information. Each individual has their own secrets or memories that someone else may never know. Even if a group of people have shared the same event, each one of those people are going to remember different specific details that were important to them.
The event recalled was our 2014 Edisto beach trip. I interview my mother, Kris, and her best friend, Lisa. They both recalled about the same amount of memories from the vacation. Some of the memories they both recalled were that Kendall busted a lamp as soon as we got there, and then a few days later, he cut his ankle wide open on glass from the lamp that was in a trash bag. Most of the week was spent tending to Kendall, and they went to the store to get super glue for his ankle; there was only one thing of glue left. They both remember playing water pong the first night and Lori arriving late. The kids were playing a war game late one night and Al came out of his room yelling that he was in Vietnam. They recalled that Al fell off of his bike one day and blamed it on Lisa, and that a snake ran over Lisa’s feet when she was walking down to the beach, but no one heard her scream. Lisa and my mom recalled a lot of different memories also. Lisa remembered specific details such as, we left on a Monday morning, the weather was nice, and we…

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