My Day To Be A Princess Essay

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After almost a year of planning it was finally time. Between the overwhelming dress search to spending endless hours looking for the perfect hairstyle it all was about to become worth it. This is one of the days that everyone in a Hispanic household looks forward to. It was almost time for my quinceanera, the young woman 's coming of age; her fifteenth birthday. From the time the young woman becomes fourteen to the day of her quince each detail is intricately planned to make this day as close to perfect as possible. October twelfth of 2013 was my day to be a princess. I woke up as if it was a regular Saturday morning, by Saturday I would look and feel totally different. Walking out of the salon with my hair and makeup done to perfection, …show more content…
As I stepped out of the car all eyes were on me, once all the hugs and kisses were exchanged everyone proceeded into the church leaving me outside. Group by group my damas and chambelanes walked into the church. My damas and chambelanes consisted of close friends and family members that meant the most to me. Once everyone walked into the church I walk in, again all eyes are on me. I looked into my grandmothers eyes where they were filled with tears of joy. I began to walk down the aisle of the church with a smile from ear to ear as I walk towards my parents. Prayer begins, all eyes remained on me as family members were wiping their tears and smiling as the pastor was praying for my health and well being. As we all lifted our heads for being bowed in respect it was time for the ceremonial swap of shoes. This ceremony signified my father taking the flats that signified my childhood off my feet and replacing them with silver heels signifying my transition to womanhood. My father looked up at me tears eyed as we waiting for my cousin to bring us the shoes that were inside a wooden basket. As we went onto one knee he couldn 't help but smile with tears in his eyes because his little girl was now a woman. After my shoes were changed we had one more closing prayer for my future then, it was time to party and enjoy

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