Essay about My Day Of Fear, A Day That Could Never Be Forgotten

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September 11th, 2001. A day of fear, a day of courage. 9/11 is a day that could never be forgotten. Not only was New York in shock, but the whole world too. Everyone suffered, never knowing what was going to happen next. Mind numbing and unforgettable events that shock the world don’t occur very often and when the attack on 9/11 happened, it showed how quickly a nation could be changed. A series of tragedies all happened in one long, heart wrenching day, leaving millions of people traumatized forever. During the attacks in the United States, over 3,000 people were killed, including more than 400 police officers and firefighters (History, 2015). It’s said that on the morning on September 11, four airlines were hijacked by members of Al-Qaeda. The first plane crashing into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The next plane hit the North Tower shortly before another plane hit the South Tower, leaving them both to collapse rapidly. To this day, people say the falling debris from the twin towers caused so much damage to building 7 that it collapsed. There was a fourth plane that had gone off course and supposedly crashed into an abandoned airstrip in Pennsylvania, yet there is no evidence of the plane ever being there. Although the government have said that it was a horrific terrorist attack, how do we know that for sure? How do we really know who was behind the attacks that shocked the world.
At 9:38am, September 11th, 2001, the Pentagon was hit by the…

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