My Dad : An Eye Opening Experience Essay

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My dad is an individual who is frequently described as always being on the go and never knowing how to simply be still. At 68 years old, he is either traveling for work or seen working on projects around the house. My dad discovered he was a type 2 diabetic approximately five years ago after being catapulted out of a standing skid loader when performing yard work. The event resulting in a two day hospital stay, a wrist and ankle sprain, a torn rotator cuff, a fractured pelvis, and a diagnosis of type two diabetes. My dad describes the day as an eye opening experience because he was unaware of how much the condition was affecting his daily life. He noted experiencing lightheadedness, frequent urination, and numbness and tingling in the feet for several years prior to the accident, however he would rationalize each of the symptoms to be the result of not eating for a few hours or having a drink too close to going to sleep. He described his life as being on cruise control and would only see his primary doctor once a year to ‟check under the hood and make sure the engine was running”. He did not have concerns regarding his health because he felt fully capable to perform tasks at home and work without difficulty. The idea of health and wellness was not fully explored until after the incident when my dad slowly begun to notice how diabetes was capable of affecting his body and how he could manage the condition. Prior to being discharged from the hospital, he was supplied with a…

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