My Cousin Vinny : Film About Two Best Friends, Bill Gambini And Stanley Rothenstein

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My cousin Vinny is a film about two best friends, Bill Gambini and Stanley Rothenstein, whom have just being awarded scholarships to UCLA. Before the semester starts the boys decide that they want to drive through the south, once they arrived in Alabama they decide to stop at a convenience store to pick up some snacks. Not soon after they check out and leave the store they are pulled over and arrested for what they believe is shoplifting, however; eventually when they are at the police station they learn that they were arrested for murder and robbery. Since the boys don’t have enough money to pay for a good lawyer they think all is lost, however Bill remembers that his cousin, Vincent Gambini, is a lawyer and decides to give him a call. It doesn’t take long for everyone to realize that cousin Vinny isn’t the experienced lawyer everyone thought he was and the boys once again start to feel the pressure. This film has many social psychology elements throughout the film, such as being apart of the in/out group and how they form stigmas and attitudes, stereotypes involving gender, race and intelligence, relationships and how they related to helping behaviors, and finally how prejudice in the legal system, as well as the lack in trust there should be with eye witness testimonies.
The people of Alabama acted just like most people they form their own groups. People will divide into two categories the in group and the out group (Baron &Branscombre, 2012). The people of the town were…

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