My Conflict Style Paper : We Study Conflict

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My Conflict Style Paper
We study conflict because if we didn 't, we are more likely to keep continuing the damaging patterns we see on the job and in our homes. Making sure we understand the structure of conflict and the factors that can help or eliminate conflict such as at work with fellow employees or managers or conflict at home with a girlfriend or wife, friend, or any other family member. When we study conflict, we can see the conflict is coming or occurring and can help resolve the disputes that are happening.
I understand that every conflict style has its pros and cons, and therefore I should not flinch when after filling out the Putnam Self & Peer assessment and how it put me into the Non-Confrontational category. However, I was shocked to see my scores with the other two categories, Solution-Orientation & Control, and how close they were across the board. I already knew I had myself primarily in the Non-Confrontational category prior to the assessment and was surprised how close I fit in the Solution-Orientation category when dealing with conflicts.
I tend to adjust my conflict style differently to who ever I am dealing with and where the dispute takes place, if that’s a conflict at home with my fiancé and/or roommate, or at work with fellow employees. Normally, the two emotions that are most common for me when I experience conflict are anger and being defensive. After I settle down, I usually have the feeling of shame that the conflict took place in the first…

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