My Childhood Was A Little Rough Essay

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My story

My childhood was a little rough. Before I was actually born I had a fight with the umbilical cord, It had a choke hold on me. Lucky for me the doctors pulled it off me however while giving my mother a C-section the doctor cut my face with the surgical blade. Tho it wasn 't life threatening I still have the scar tell this day on my right cheek right below my eye. The week of my birth my father left my mom with nothing to do with me. My mom was a tough women, she went through jobs and worked hard for two years until she met my current step dad. It’s a Funny story how they actually met but I won 't go into that to save my mom some embarrassment. Now even tho I had a dad for my childhood doesn 't mean he was a great dad. When my mom and him met he already had a son but he didn 't live with him. Me and his son hit it off right off the bat but my step dad never really treated me like i was his actual son. I have many events in my life that have impacted me and forged me into the man I am today. I really don 't remember much of my childhood below the age of 6 but growing up with my step dad wasn 't the best time for me. He treats me like crap compared to my two sisters who are probably the biggest brats in the world. It 's kind of like the cinderella story but i 'm not a beautiful girl who gets a prince, and my mother is still alive. I just have wicked sisters and a mean step dad. My stepdad has only been nice to me a few times and most of the time it 's when my mom is…

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