My Childhood Of Life Is How You Can Overcome So Much And Still Come Out

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One of the many mysteries of life is how you can overcome so much and still come out “normal”. Many of us have run into many obstacles and was stuck as they say between a “rock and a hard place”. Throughout my life, many obstacles were thrown at me starting through my early childhood all the way to the day I am writing this. I Have gone through forever changing experiences. From being the victim my entire life, I have learned what I wanted to be when I grew up. My past has made me no longer a victim. This is my life, my story, and my destiny. As a young child, you look up to your parents to protect you from anything and everything that can be harmful. When you look up and your parents are not their, or they are the ones causing the pain how do you function? I didn’t grow up with my biological parents I was passed around like a plate of unwanted vegetables. At the age of 18 months, I was given to a homosexual couple who did everything my parents wouldn’t or couldn’t do. You see my father was not only emotionally and mentally abusive he was also physically abusive. My mother was 18 when she was pregnant with me. Not only did my father threaten her life, he threaten my life too before I was even born. My father didn’t believe in emotions. You were not allowed to cry, laugh, or even be mad without his approval. By the time I was four, I knew what it was like to be with my father. I knew that in order to survive you had to be smarter and faster than him. You…

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