My Childhood Of A Family Essay

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In a family, there is one person who has significant meanings for you and supports you as you grow up. Sometimes the person is not your parents and your sister and brother. From the book, we have the awareness of the different lives between James and his mother Ruth and we can see the feeling and perspectives of them. I was born in a large family in China, which meant I was born to have many family members. They were my parents and my grandparents and several relatives. Living with many relatives is the normal living style in China and I was so pleased to have those kinds of family members during my childhood. There were so much fun with them, but I cannot experience now. I was raised by my grandparents and we had lived in one place for more than 15 years until I left. I didn’t have that much memories about my parents because I didn’t live with them and rarely talk to them. My grandparents are important for me and they are great. I had many plentiful memories in the wake of growing up and I could forget those memories in my life because it was the best part in my life.
I will introduce my grandmother as my nuclear family member because I have lived with her for more than 16 years and I have the most childhood memories with her, no matter what they are sweet, emotional, or negative. Even though I lived with my grandfather as well, I rarely got along with him alone and I rarely talk to him only if I wanted something, but grandmother disagreed. For me, grandfather is the…

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