Essay about My Case Study ( Sharp, Aguirre, And Kickham

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My case study (Sharp, Aguirre, & Kickham, 2011) entailed a community of 10,000 residents who were mostly orthodox born-again Christians. The local police department needed a new Chief and rather than promote someone, choosing from their immediate pool of law enforcement officers, the department decided to hire someone from out of town. Unlike, where I reside, in the City of Burbank, the town of Stigler did not have a background process in place. There was no need to as they had always hired their officers from those already living in town.
The newly appointed Chief Barnes and his wife moved to Stigler, but it was felt by all that they just didn’t fit in. Perhaps it was because they had turn down so many requests to attend church. Shortly after, some of the residents found that the wife of Chief Barnes had managed a website that hosted nude models, including Janis Barnes.
On the next evening of the city council meeting, about 75 Stigler residents attended demanding that the Chief be removed from his law enforcement position. The next day city council held an emergency executive meeting with the city’s attorney. They quickly returned with a statement for the press. They stated that as council they did not support pornography (which falls under ethical consideration) but that with public employees they had to adhere to the First Amendment, considering the rights of employees as well as citizens of Stigler. Based on these facts, the Chief and his wife had not broken the law and…

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