My Career As A Career Essay

1228 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout a person’s life, it is always troublesome to figure out how to balance work and play. Roughly 52.3 percent of people are unsatisfied with their current job, which should not be the case (Adams). If more people were to enter the workforce doing jobs that they enjoy, the world would most likely be a much more peaceful place with less stressed people inhabiting it. Many people believe that having a job that interests you is a practical dream to follow unless it is not financially viable to keep that job for minimal living standards. It is for this reason that I wonder if I should pursue what I am passionate about, or whether it is wiser to pursue something practical. Furthermore, is it possible to combine a hobby that I currently enjoy with a passion that I wish to pursue as a career? Is it possible to utilize my theater experience to become a better educator? I began performing on stage when I was a freshman in highschool, and am still taking classes to master the art of acting further. In fact, it was through theater that I had decided to pursue teaching after my high school teacher had inspired me through the exceptional care she showed for each and every cast member’s individual growth. The connection that one creates with their students is why I wish to combine my two greatest passions; however, I had always wondered if theater and teaching will mix to create a successful solution. In a time where educational reform is always being…

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