My Career As A Career In The Social Work Professionals

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I was born and raised in Rochester NY till I was seven years old. In Florida I attended elementary school through high school. Once I finished high school I started and finished my Associates Degree at Eastern Florida State College. My parents were born and raised in Jamaica, but they have resided here in the United States for over 30 years . As a young child growing up academics as well as my schooling was, and still is a big part of my life. In Jamaican culture school and academics are taken very seriously, my mother and father always made a big deal over education and encouraged me to do well in my studies. When in high school I did very well and achieved high marks in my courses as well as recognition for my outstanding achievements. Throughout …show more content…
I also feel as if ambitious would be another well-chosen adjective to describe myself and what I can contribute to my career. I perceive myself as showing a strong desire and determination to succeed in whatever I put my mind to, or chose to do. Being amiable is a trait that I feel is very important to possess when becoming part of the social work professionals. I’m told by my peers, family as well as co-workers, that I am essentially a joy and pleasure to work with, be around as well as engage with. I’m kind and friendly to everyone I meet because one of my mottos is “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” because if you treat people nicely they have no reason to be anything but nice to you. The last characteristic I will use to describe myself would be diligent. Diligent as you know means, hard-working, using effort and having an overall positive work ethic I whatever you do. I personally, try to be as diligent as possible in everything from my job, my course/school work, to how I work with other individuals because diligence is another one of the most important characteristics a social worker can …show more content…
Since I was a child I 've always had the opportunity to visit Jamaica and see the exact location where my parents and family grew up and where many reside today. My family comes from a very poor back ground and that definitely motivated me and also help me realize that I want to help those in need. I also decided to go into social work because I hate seeing children in trouble and If I can help make a difference in their lives I want

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