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THE SLAVE DRIVING FATHER It is true that being raised on a farm constitutes more responsibilities for children. They are expected to do different chores than city kids. There is a story that a boy from Iowa tells that makes a person ask if a line should be drawn where the work is concerned. How should a parent handle their expectations? This boy had a lot of resentment, and rightfully so. His dad woke him up every morning chanting the spelling of the word work. Starting at age six he was expected to jump up out of bed, find something to eat, put dirty stinking clothes on, and get to work in the pig barn. This little boy from Iowa wished that cleaning his room was all he had to complain about. That was not the case. He was expected to …show more content…
There did not seem to be anyone who actually cared about this child. Was he conceived only to use as a farm hand? I bet he had those thoughts as well, because no matter how hard the boy worked, it was never good enough for his dad. I felt so sorry for this child. He must have been miserable thinking that his father did not love him. He never got praised for the work he did, nor did he get to eat the meat of the animals he cleaned up after. I have three boys that were raised on the farm. They had chores that some of their friends did not have, but they were rewarded and praised for their work. When they were twelve years old, they started farming. They were paid just like an adult. The money was put into a savings account for their first vehicles. My boys always had a hot meal before going to work, and had on clean clothes. I can relate to this little boy on many levels, because I used to work on a pig farm. I am sure the ventilation in the barn in which I worked had much better ventilation. I still felt that I could not shower the smell off me. And we had to wash our coveralls every day. I cannot imagine having to wear the same coveralls for even two days in a row, because the smell is so horrible. For a child only six years old this experience must have been devastating. I choose to work on the pig farm, because the money was so good. This little boy had no choice in the matter, and got nothing for his work. When the child

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