Essay on My Best Friend Shalom Has Changed Our Lives

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Everybody has a past that shapes and molds the person they are today. A person’s culture, family life, friends, and social status are some of the determining factors that assist in shaping them. My best friend Shalom has been raised in a drastically different way than me and this has shaped her views of how society works. However, even with these differences we still hold similar values and remain close friends. Ever since I can remember I have been raised in an Authoritarian household. My parents are divorced and are both single. I am the oldest of four children and have been placed in a position of authority over my siblings. My siblings and I lived with my dad, most of the time, and so I took on the position of housekeeper/ mother figure. I have helped raise my siblings and have been an authoritative figure in their lives. I am typically consulted in family decisions and my father takes my opinion into account. As the oldest, I have had more responsibility, thus leading to more lenience. I have been able to go out with friends and stay out later because of my position in the household.
With this Authoritarian household also comes the negatives of its structure. As a parent- like figure, I have noticed that this structure leads to a major emphasis on the rules not the individual. In other words, the rules are the law and no matter the reason if you break the rules you are instantly punished. In my opinion, I disagree with this. I believe that if…

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