Essay on My Beliefs And Ideas For Education

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McKenna Strolberg EDCIFS 201 Philosophy of ED I believe that most of my beliefs and ideas for education come from my chosen subject of study. My passion for history shapes how I see the education system and how I think my classroom should be. In my time on this planet and my time studying history I have seen that there is vast inequalities in life. The treatment of many groups and people in the USA, like Native Americans, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese, and so many that I could fill out this whole page talking about it, have been treated negatively and these issues are not only in that past. One of my many goals for my classroom is to make sure that my students hear about those moments in our past so they can recognize them in our future and present. “Our” meaning America’s past. I believe that looking into the past to guide your future is one of the best thing you can do for your community and self. Over this semester I have had to come face to face with my future career in a way that was new with an experienced teacher. That experience completely changed how I think I would interact and teach students also how I could teach. I believe that part of the teacher 's duty in the classroom besides those requirements put on the teacher by the school and by the school district is to be there for the students. I believe teachers while in definition are there to teach students in the subject or area, that they can also teach their students how to interact with…

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