My Attigy About The Great Depression

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I asked my maternal grandparents Ronnie Miles and Yvonne Miles about their experiences and what they thought about the changing times and how they reacted to major events in the past.

M=Yvonne Miles ("Mimi")

P=Ronnie Miles ("Papaw")

Do you know anything about the Great Depression time period?

M) “Mother talked about it. The food was rationed. You had to stand in bread lines, gas lines. How mad it was. People out of work. Couldn’t find work. It affected rich and poor. Some of the rich lost stuff too. You’ll find out Papaw is pretty opinionated.”

P) “You had people staying with their relatives. You had people who would go out and plow up potatoes in the field. People would dig through the dirt for roots of the potatoes to cook. People who
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It was 1962 I would turn 13. Well. Back in our time, I don’t think anything changed being a teenager. I think when we were teenagers; we always wanted to be out of school. We wanted to graduate from school and get into a profession. Originally, I wanted to be a nurse. Daddy decided that I didn’t need to be a nurse because I would have been a nurse for a man. He decided I would be a hairdresser. I got into the hairdresser. I got refocused into that. You know one of my big mistakes, as a kid was that I always wanted to be 21 and everything would change. You’re old enough to a responsible individual by that age. All we really did was work all the time. Getting to go to the beach when I was 13 for the first time in my life. I went with Bill and Ann, Debbie and Teresa were small kids. Perry and I camped out there. It might have been the state park in Myrtle Beach. My Junior/Senior Prom was also great. I wore a yellow dress with white lace and rabbit fur and long gloves. His mama did my hair and makeup. I was a sophomore decorating my date’s Junior …show more content…
M) “Visiting. Everybody got together for Sunday dinner. People got together for reunions. We kids loved it because there would be tables of food. We’d make homemade ice cream churned by hand. All the kids got out and played horseshoes and hide and seek when it got dark, jumped rope. It was family time. People just don’t have that anymore. My grandmothers and mothers made homemade butter, whipped cream. Daddy made his own corn mill. Grandma Jenny sewed and quilted and cross-stitched. She did all the stitching, embroidery, she made dollies.”

P) “In the winter time our grandparents would have hog killings and process the meat. Me and my brothers and dad and aunt. We would get out and build a fire and boil water. We would kill the hogs and put the hog in it and spin him around and pull him out and scrape the hair off. We’d cut him up. We’d cure them in salt. We’d grind up meat for sausage and put it in freezers. There were hams and shoulders and put them in saltboxes. We cut the fat off their bellies and made lard. You bought tin pots with a top on them and you put the lard and strain out the cracklings. You’d put the lard through cheesecloth. We might go spend the week with a cousin somewhere or they’d come to spend the week with us. You know, play ball. Stuff like that .We never had time to play football or baseball for the high school, you were plowing a field or mowing the yard or

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