Music Therapy Should Help Addicts Essay

1566 Words Nov 10th, 2016 7 Pages
Sound of Rehabilitation Approximately 250,000 people die annually due to an illicit drug overdose. Drug addiction is interfering with the lives of citizens and degrading nations by draining taxpayers’ dollars due to lost productivity at work, health care, and crime. While laws prohibiting drug use exist in many countries, and rehabilitation centers offer assistance to those in need of aid—it is not enough because nearly 200 million people abuse drugs worldwide. Furthermore, 90% of addicts who accept the assistance of rehabilitation centers will suffer at least one relapse within a 4-year time period (“Relapse and Craving-Alcohol Alert No. 06-1989.”). Meanwhile, within the past ten years, studies regarding music show evidence suggesting music therapy will help drug addicts create a life away from addiction. Due to the long-term ineffectiveness of drug rehabilitation centers, new methods—such as music therapy—should be explored in an attempt to assist drug addicts in their recovery. However, critics would explain how the notion of music possessing the capabilities of reducing drug addiction seems outlandish. When the government’s financial situation becomes strained, fine arts are one of the first programs to be cut because their benefits are overlooked when compared to the advantages of science or math classes. However, the benefits of music include: increased intelligence, improved communication skills, an augmented immune system, and a boosted state of mind, along with…

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