Music Therapy Is A Common Remedy For Those Essay

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Music therapy is a popular treatment that helps those who have struggles become able to overcome obstacles in one life. Music therapy is a common remedy for those that struggle with psychological and physical issues. Music therapy is a healthy alternative used worldwide to help those that struggle with different issues. Music therapy is an established profession that uses music in a therapeutic matter to address a variety of issues people struggle with. “After a professional music therapist assess the strengths and needs of each patient, the therapist provides different treatments such as, creating music, singing, moving to music, and/or listening to music” (“What is Music therapy”). “Music provides a tool for doctors to study numerous aspects of a individual such as their motor skills, learning ability, memory, auditory pattern-processing mechanisms, attention span, and so forth” (“Music, The Food of Neuroscience” 312). Music therapy is an alternative therapy that provides support for people who have physical, emotional, social and cognitive issues. Physically, music can improve heart rates, respiration, increase in blood flow, body movement, coordination and can help a person in the process of rehabilitation (“How Music Affects Us”). Emotionally, music has the power to lower levels of cortisol, which a stress hormone. Music also has the power to change ones mood (happy, sad, angry and so forth). Socially, music helps people express themselves using something other than…

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