Music Is The Rhythm Of The Human Species Essay

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Music is an art form that we as humans listen to because it engages our brains. It gives us a sense of euphoria, much like a drug. Throughout history, music has always played a large role in our lives, whether we recognized it or not. One reason we are attracted to music is because “it is the rhythm of the human species” (Music moves the world: The power and passion of rhythm, melody, and dance [Video file]. (2004). Through the use of rhythm and melody, we as humans use music as a way to express ourselves. Even before birth, we had our first sense of rhythm, our mother’s heartbeat. Music helps give form to our emotions and allows us to pass on cultural knowledge to future generations. It also opens up our souls, allows us to present our moral values, and helps us unite with one another.
There are many different roles and purposes that music plays in our lives. One of those purposes is to connect us with the sacred, or to praise our creator during worship. In early era’s, the Roman Catholic Church used the Gregorian Chant as a form of music. One such example of the Gregorian Chant came from the Medieval Music era and the arrangement was called “Viderunt omnes”. Although the musical style may have changed over the years, music today continues to be an avenue for us to worship and praise our creator while in church. (Wright, C. M. (2014)
We also use music in our lives to give us peace, and to help us unwind after a hard day at work. One such example of a relaxing…

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