Music Is An Expression Of Emotion Through Vocal Or Instrument Sounds

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Music is an expression of emotion through vocal or instrument sounds. Music is a direct reflection of events occurring within society. Music can also be a way to deliver messages, either through a poetic form, a fine art, or a source entertainment. Music is important within society because it serves reminder of how things once were, an indication of how things are presently, and a view of what the future holds for society. The development of music has changed greatly over the decades; through the medieval and Renaissance time period to modern music in today’s society. Music is offered in many different ways, such as through TV and radio, it is not just heard through church services. The function of music has also developed from the Renaissance to modern time; however, music still serves as a way to express emotions and convey messages within society.
A world without music would be a very quiet place. Music is a form of art that has movement to it. Music lets individuals escape from reality and find a sense of freedom. Also, music is a way for individuals to communicate and express certain things in life, such as personal struggles and feelings. Mark Bonds, a professor of music at the University of North Carolina, states that music is the most powerful art that plays a significant role in society: “In the Western world it has provided entertainment, played a central role in religious worship, and has been important to a well- rounded education… It has been admired for its…

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