Music Is A Form Of Art Essay

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Music is embedded in every existing culture. There are no boundaries within the music. It varies between times and places. Without any doubts, music is one of the main sources that connect people without any barriers. So what exactly is music? According to the dictionary, music is a form of art that expresses different ideas and emotions through elements of rhythm, melody, and even color. The definition may seem to be easier to categorize music; however, music can be more than just the expression of feeling and emotions that are written down on a paper through sound waves. Famous musician Billy Joel acknowledges that "I think music in itself is healing. It 's an explosive expression of humanity. It 's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we 're from. Everyone loves music." The key word in this quote is healing and touched by. How can music possibly heal a person, and what kinds of effect does it play on the brain? The essay will go over into details about some of the interesting questions that were being asked such as the background information on the music, chemicals that are produced through listening to music, and the ‘cure ' through music. The primary questions that are often questioned by a number of people are wonders of the reason why people are so attached to music. It is almost compelling to take away music from anyone. It remains as one of the curiosity to discover some of the aspect of music being part human life. Music exists everywhere. There…

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