The Importance Of Music In General Education

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The issues focused on general education classrooms combined with music. There are multiple ways teachers can include music in a lesson, by doing so will stimulate a student socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. One does not have to be knowledgeable about music to add it into your classroom. A general education classroom integrated with music will improve the learning process in all areas of study. Provides assistance of building language, self-confidence, creativity, open mindedness, and positive learning environment. Improves brain development, memory, visual, and listening skills. Incorporating music into the general education curriculum builds an environment for students to relax and focus on the given concepts. Having songs, …show more content…
Informing teachers that there are many different ways to integrate music into the classroom without materials, for instance a simple chant or song sung as a group will work. Teachers may desire to include a music center in their classroom with homemade musical instruments or simple items that make noise. Also, some teachers may want a musical environment with music playing throughout the day. If a teacher is going to play music from an mp3 player or iPod, they should purchase one just for classroom use, therefore allowing classroom desired music only on the player. Allow students to pick a song they like and review it before playing it in the classroom. In doing so involves students in picking the type of music they enjoy and gives them a sense of comfort. Using music that students enjoy creates an appealing climate to motivate learning and connects with the student to motivate them to learn.
While doing research I discovered multiple ways teachers use music in their classroom and curriculum. For example, some teachers start their mornings with a morning song that the students sing at the start of each school day. Some lessons will have music or chants for transition. Music center for students to enjoy during free time. Make up memorization songs for learning in all subjects. Dancing and singing to wake up the brain and get the wiggles
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A teacher that uses musical concepts in the classroom will notice that it helps them control the environment and supports the content within their classroom. Using music for transitional purposes will help things flow smoothly and allow the teacher to feel more at ease with time management. Teachers and students will get to know each other on a social basis, by sharing music they are interested in. Sharing ones interest of music will also create a sense of who you are as a person, which will help the children feel comfortable and secure with you as their

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