Rock N Roll Analysis

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The 1950’s- 1960’s saw a big change in society, as well as in the constant growing music industry. In the States and the Uk, people were still holding onto many aspects of the past: -World War 2 for example, and the crisis that many people went through, which many artists in future decades used and were inspired by different social and cultural events which gave inspiration to make some of the most well known songs in classic rock in the 80’s: for example: the song “one” by Metallica- which is about a ww2 soldier that suffered in the war, another popular song “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixing-To-Die-Rag”- by Joe Country and the Fish in the 60’s- which is about the conflicts in the Vietnamese war and another famous song by Bob Dylan- “Masters of War” …show more content…
This genre became more and more popular especially in the new development of the first pocket transistor radio, which was first marketed in the US in the early 1950’s; this changed the different ways that people could listen and share music; and that in itself changed many parts of the industry, making people buy less audio discs, and instead just inventing and listening to the radio, which took a big toll in sales of audio discs. Then evolution of the first computer began in 1958; which was just the beginning of a new evolution of music.

However, at this time, Radio and television were predominantly the two main sources that people used for music, connecting the musical genres to various artists and exposed people to the genres and trends that were emerging musically. The computer was still being developed at this time and they weren’t as accessible, which made them less popular in the music world.

In this decade, multi-track recording were the most popular and sufficient way to record music in the 50’s; enabling separate microphones to be recorded simultaneously. Many styles such as the developing “pop music” and “jazz” music continued to be issued monophonically until the late

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