Essay on Music As A Therapy For Disabled Children

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Music and art are tools that can become a huge impact in a disabled child’s life when they are incorporated in the child’s everyday activities during their development as a child. The use of sound or auditory hearings as well as artistic assignments can be very helpful in order for the child to become more connected with the world through interaction with others. These children gain many new skills that assist them in being more united with others around them. Even though the utilization of art and music can be very helpful when it is incorporated in a disabled child’s life, it can also become a huge distraction. Many studies have shown that children with disabilities are capable of overcoming their disability and being able to connect with the world that surrounds them. Children who have speech problems can be aided through the incorporation of music as a therapy. Music became a therapy for disabled children resulting in enhancement of cognitive and speech improvement skills. Children are able to communicate easier than they did before, before music was intertwined with the therapy. This demonstrates how a child who is disabled, in this case, speech impaired, can develop an intelligence level above their average level due to the sounds and noises utilized throughout their therapy. Gross mentions that “It was found that music therapy had an effect on fundamental qualities of speech development and resulted in significant improvements in phonological memory and the children…

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