Music As A Medium Of Art Essay

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Music is a medium of art defined by its elements such as pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm and many more. Within the various elements, many genres of music begin to divide. Music has affected culture, religion, various parts of the world with various types of beats we hear on a regular basis. It holds significance towards a culture. Some genres of music focus on the music more than the lyrical. Music can also be used to express all types of emotions, especially for religion and politics. The genre of rap/hip – hop music originated during the mid-1970s by black and Hispanic performers in New York City, the Bronx to be specific. Hip-Hop started from the ethnic dislocations during the middle of 1970s. Rap was found from many reasons such as the decline in the municipal services that were being funded by the federal government. During this time period, it was known to be the “Great Era.” The word rap means to conversation. Rap consisted of chants, improvised, and street poetry. Rappers spoke rhythmic poetry to a set beat. Most of the earliest famous rappers were Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, and Beastie Boys. A female rap band called Salt-n-Pepa became famous during the earliest history of rap music. The groups of artists started to hit the top charts. Most of the earliest rappers originated from the Caribbean islands. Most black Americans immigrated to America for freedom and a better life like every other group of people. When rap first originated, society did not want…

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