Music And The Narrative Film Music Essay

1645 Words Oct 15th, 2016 7 Pages
Film music, both original scores and soundtracks, manifest new modes and codes that juxtapose those that exist within unadulterated music. The modes and codes that dictate film music, much like the other forms of media within this essay, are driven by the necessity to reinforce the pre-existing narrative. Claudia Gorbman analyses the modes and codes that dictate the narrative supporting nature of film within her article, Narrative Film Music. This journal article is an excerpt from her book, Unheard Melodies: Narrative Film Music which has been published by Yales French Studies. Individuals studying or researching into methods for enhancing film narratives as well as within other forms of media are the preeminent audience for this particular excerpt and thus will find this source insightful. Gorbman contests within her text that music is one of the most influential aspects of propelling a narrative within film music. Modes and codes that construct the narrative-driving attribute of film music is also explored thoroughly by Gorbman, thus providing a substantial amount of information to emphasises aspects of the thesis in this essay. The author also analyses the communication between music and the visuals within this medium which, like many of the previous publications, reinforces similar points of arguments put forth by other sources. Accordingly, this source provides useful insight into the purpose that dictate the stylistic measures of music that is apparent within the…

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