Essay on Music And Its Effect On Our Society

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Music has been a part of our culture for thousands of years; spanning from ancient ritualistic chanting to the sounds of modern electronic music. The development of this art form has had a very highly impactful effect on our society’s morals, culture, and interconnectedness. Ever since ancient times, music has been used as a method of entertainment, communication, and worship. People have used music as a social agent, recent studies show that music has brought people together due to its ability to direct people emotions (Denora, 2002; 174). Due to the similarities caused in people’s emotions, music has been classified as a very effective agent of collective emotion. Music is one of the most effective signifiers in society. People have always been looking for a way to describe things for which there are no words to describe. The action of assigning the language of music to these ideas, feelings, and objects for which we could not describe makes music into a complex system of signifiers, a musical semiotic (Fuhrmann, 2011; 142). Across cultures the language of music has many similarities and differences. Some regional differences in music can be observed in the use of harmony. Most westernized music is based on a 12 tone chromatic scale with 8 note modes, while a lot of eastern music includes things such as quarter tone scales and modes that do not follow the standard form of western modes. Rhythm is also highly differential between cultures. Many European,…

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