Multiple Themes Come Up When I Re Read My Interview Essays

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Multiple themes come up when I re-read my interview summary. When she was graduating middle school her and her best friend went to the salon, they both decided to get the same hairstyle and have a full spa day. As they were giggling and enjoying the finish look, her friend eyed her short sleeve dress and commented how her skin looked even lighter than usual, that she looked even prettier without the tan. Layla rolled her eyes but comments about her skin tone were very common. Within the Somali community, the colorism was a real issue. Layla continued to tell more examples and one of them stuck with me. During high school when her classmates were doing a project on Race. They talked about all the oppression they faced, all agreeing and nodding to what was being mentioned. Layla and one of the other members decided to tackle the first part and they would often meet after school. One evening while Layla was talking about what she would go through as mixed and the challenges she faced with her race and identifying. The other student who was African-American, laughed and said those weren’t really problems, she could pass easily for “at least half white”, and she wasn’t dealing with half of what she had to go through. In the article “Race, Class, and Gender as categories of Analysis and Connection”, Patricia mentions: Adhering to a stance of comparing and ranking oppressions--the proverbial, “I’m more oppressed than you”--locks us all into a dangerous dance of competing for…

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