Multigenerational Patterns ( Goldenberg & Goldenberg ) Essays

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Every family has unfinished business, and my family is no exception. Multigenerational patterns (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013; McGoldrick, Gerson, & Shellenberger, 1999) influence and contribute to relationship problems within family systems and to individual development. In my family, many conflict situations, or events have seemingly been resolved, however, the unresolved patterns that have gone unaddressed continue to fester, repeating themselves over time in different situations and life events. Bequeathed from generations before, and acquired honestly, my family struggles with destructive behaviors and patterns as defined by Goldenberg & Goldenberg, (2013); cut- off, dysfunctional triangulation, conflicts with attachment figures, and imbalanced family ledgers, all of which contribute to my family’s unfinished business and lack of cohesiveness. In the process of exploring the unfinished business in my family, I will attempt to address the interpersonal/intrapersonal relational processes (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013) that have contributed to my family’s unfinished business.
Multigenerational Contributions Family system theories focus on interactions between family members, development of individuals within a family system, and multicultural dimensions (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). My family consists of my father, mother, and six sisters. I will explore the interactions, multicultural differences, and development of individual contributions and perpetuation of the…

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