Essay on Multiculturalism Is A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

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To have a further understanding of the situation, we can turn to Garcea’s article (2008) he mentions that one of the central questions that are in debates, in regards to multiculturalism, asks if multiculturalism contributes either to harmony and integration or conflict and fragmentation. This has always been the case when debating about multiculturalism because we want to know if multiculturalism is a good thing or a bad thing, will it perpetuate pre-existing problems or will it solve them? Garcea’s article best lists out the many differing principles in which multiculturalism is understood in Canada. From the list of postulations that he created, only a few of them will be discussed in the essay to give us a clearer representation of the concerns scholars have. We will be analyzing the situation with multiculturalism in Canada from a macro-, meso-, and micro-perspective of problems.
One of the postulation that he found was that “multiculturalism promotes the creation of segregated racial and ethno-cultural enclaves” (Garcea 2008:143). This postulation is understood as leading the country towards further social divisiveness due to it promoting and supporting the creation of specific institutions to serve the needs of each ethno-cultural community (Garcea 2008). What this means is that this sense of multiculturalism contributes to the fragmentation of its population and other pre-existing problems. In his article, he summarizes this as “the diminishing of the fundamental…

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