Multiculturalism In Society

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Multiculturalism has long been a debate between parties in regard to the relation between cultures and nations as many parts of the world are becoming more multiculturalized. However, mixed feelings about being multicultural always present. These conflicting viewpoints, stemming from things like a person’s education attainment, their upbringing, exposure to certain race issues and the political nature of society. These factors contribute developing different attitudes towards multiculturalism. Moreover, the demand for recognition of various cultures and ethnics has remarkably increased in terms of scholar and public perspectives. Supporters believe multiculturalism is beneficial for the society as it creates a culturally diversified society, …show more content…
Everyone is offered a life with vast options for religions, beliefs, customs and foods as migrants bring their distinct cultures, traditions, foods and clothing from their countries (Colebatch, 2012). The inflow of plural cultures has provided many positive impacts to the population. This interflow of knowledge can widen our horizons. For example, more kinds of arts from different countries are learned and appreciated, and the population is more educated about different culture sensitivity as well. The widely use of many different languages such as Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish…have been benefiting the Australian tourism and trade flow. In the past, people who spoke languages other than English were often regarded as ‘disadvantaged’. Nowadays, people who are fluent in more than one language are mostly perceived to be having a huge advantage. The government has treated the language maintenance as creating a national asset, rather than as a right of immigrants. A major part of Australian trade and a growing part of its tourist industry are now dependent on those of non-British culture and orientation

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