Multiculturalism By John W. Berry Essay

3086 Words Nov 25th, 2014 13 Pages
Multiculturalism can be defined as multiple cultures living in the same country or community. It is usually used to describe constructed areas such as schools, neighborhoods, communities, and societies. Multiculturalism is also known as being culturally diverse. It is a way where different cultures are able to live together in a peaceful manner and where different cultures are respected. This can also encourage people to familiarize themselves and get to know about other cultures. Although many people may argue that multiculturalism is just another way to categorize individuals and point out their differences it is also a term used to define disadvantaged groups such as African Americans, religious groups, and other minorities. I will be using the theme multiculturalism to serve as a basis of the comparative analysis of two readings. Throughout the paper I will be comparing and contrasting a positivist and interpretivist article. Research on multiculturalism in Canada by John W. Berry is an example of a positivist social psychological study and Interrogating the Hyphen-Nation: Canadian Multicultural Policy and ‘Mixed Race’ Identities by Minelle Mahtani which is an example of an interpretivist social psychological study. I will be analyzing how each approach of research taken is different and how it has effected their results. I will also be analyzing the way in which each researcher conducted their study, whether they used a quantitative or qualitative method. I will be…

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