Catcher In The Rye: Video Analysis

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from The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. The teacher asks them to relate the symbol of the carousel in the story to real life. This learning objective encourages academic language because they are required to convey new material, express abstract thoughts, and expand their theoretical knowledge. Students’ having the ability to convey their thoughts successfully begins with the metacognition process. The video in Case #0041: Subject: School Counseling features a young student that has the ability to do well in school, but according to state tests she is failing. Her failing grades stem from the fact that the student frequently does not turn in assignments on time and she doesn’t complete her homework. The metacognition process is emphasized …show more content…
Multiculturalism and Diversity Strategies To successfully establish effective multiculturalism and diversity strategies, teachers must: exhibit and incorporate equitable instructional practices when planning lessons, instruct students to gain a broader world view, and be sensitive of cultural and traditional differences.
In the video segment of Case #0043: Subject: Generalist, the teacher prepares a lesson plan that establishes effective multiculturalism and diversity strategies. Within the lesson students discussed civil rights, religion, morals, and the Bill of Rights. During past discussions the teacher acknowledged that a number of the students attended church and had biased views concerning race or religion. The teaching strategy of preparing a lesson plan which teaches about diversity, acceptance, and tolerance will help the students to change some of their prejudiced views on race and religious beliefs. The teacher took her students on a field trip to a location central to a civil rights case and they learned about the injustice and maltreatment of people of color. In a later unit, the teacher asked the students if they knew of someone that did not attend church but was a moral person. She then asked if they knew of someone that attended church but was an immoral person. Overall, the teacher’s lesson plan encouraged the students to think about how they form their opinions of others based on their own bias and stereotypes. Forming a lesson plan that teaches students
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They were also examining the religious and political rights of the Egyptian people and compared the U.S. Constitution with the Egyptian Constitution. The guided lesson was an effective strategy to establish effective multiculturalism and diversity because it encouraged empathy and compassion for others across the globe therefore gaining a broader world views, as well as inspired the students to identify with people from a different culture. In Case #0150 Subject: Generalist, the teacher encouraged a broader world view by allowing the students to examine popular fairy tales from China compared to fairy tales in America. The children will gain the understanding that although we are different in some ways from people in a different country, in other ways we are the same. This will teach the children how to be receptive to people from a different culture while expanding their world view. Effective multiculturalism and diversity strategies are also comprised of the teacher being sensitive of cultural and traditional differences. In Case #0107: Subject: Career and Technical Ed, the teacher is aware that one of her student’s is socially reserved which is indicative of her Native American culture. The teacher also knows that within the Native American heritage it is a cultural norm to be quiet unless

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