Essay on Multiculturalism : A Country Full With Diversity

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Multiculturalism means that people from different cultural groups received equal status, understood and celebrate festivals together without any discrimination and isolation. Besides that, society need to build bridges between each cultural groups through listening, learning, open to change and sharing to construct a society where everyday communication is based on justice, understanding, acceptance, diversity, celebration and peace-making. Jay (2011) stated that Multiculturalism is directly connected to global movements of power, culture and population in the era of globalization and post-colonialism. For example, countries like New Zealand and Australia experienced an influx of immigration by people with different cultural, religious beliefs and colour accommodate in one society.

Malaysia is a country full with diversity which consists of three main races Malay, Chinese and Indian. Chinese and Indian are immigrants during the British colonial times in the late 19th century as labour force. In addition, the diversity of this country is known as “melting pot” and these make each cultural groups unique and rich with their own cultural heritage. Based on Ibrahim (2007) discusses an interesting multicultural image about “double celebrations” and “open house”, which means when two of the main religious celebrations fall on the same day, everyone is welcome to join in the celebration without having to wait for a formal invitation from a particular…

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