Prophet Muhammad's Cloak

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The significance of Muhammad’s cloak is integral to the division of Shia and the Sunni religious sects. The cloak is a symbol of family unity, which signifies the importance of Muhammad’s bloodline in regards to the Islamic faith, and who is and should be the true messengers of God. There is more than one story where Muhammad utilized the cloak in order to establish that he was the Paraclete or Comforter and a messenger of the Prophet Allah. The Event of the Cloak was the gathering of the Prophet Mohammad’s Ahl or family at his daughters Fatima’s home. Upon his arrival to her home, he asks for his cloak and as each family members arrived at the home of Ali and Fatima, they are greeted. Each family member questions Fatima about the sweet smell …show more content…
Lesley Hazleton in her book After the Prophet presents a differing version and her rendition is not titled the “event of the cloak” but she refers to the participants as the “people of the cloak.” Similarities abound in regards to the importance of the Prophet Muhammad’s lineage. Hazleton’s version begins with an incident referred to as the Affair of the Necklace. The incident involved Muhammad’s favorite and youngest wife Aisha and a fierce Median warrior who found Aisha alone in the desert and waiting for the return of someone from her caravan. Aisha had not been noticed missing from the caravan, so the warrior escorted her to …show more content…
Eventually he asked Ali what he should do about Aisha. Ali was not fond of Aisha. Ali was still loyal to Muhammad’s first wife Khadija who along with Muhammad had raised Ali like their own son. Ali told Muhammad he should divorce Aisha and select another wife, however, through pray and a message from Allah, Muhammad forgave Aisha, as she was not guilty of adultery. However, tension between Aisha and Ali would persist and eventually result in war, and cause a division of within Islam. Tension between Aisha and Fatima the wife of Ali persisted. Fatima was the daughter of Muhammad, and 15 years Aisha’s senior, yet, it was Aisha that Muhammad favored. She had influence over Muhammad and his other wives asked Fatima to speak to their father on their behalf. Muhammad sided with Aisha which infuriated Ali who confronted Muhammad and questions his loyalty to the

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