Essay on Muhammad Ali Made A Difference

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Muhammad Ali made a difference in the world and his career was a big part in him doing so, he stood his ground for his religion, he gave hope to the black community… including Africa, and he changed history in the sport of boxing. Muhammad Ali had a lot of power and it wasn’t only in his fist. Muhammad Ali didn’t start out as being Muhammad Ali his real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay. That is his family name and he wasn’t proud of it because that was his slave name given to his ancestors by their slave owners. Clay was a muslim all his life he believes but his father and mother were born again christians and he didn’t believe in, as he says, “A blonde haired blue eyed baby Jesus”.( Ali Movie) He didn’t really care what his father thought about his religion. Clay’s best friend was Malcolm X, he was a muslim pastor. Malcolm was going to Africa to speak at a church and he wanted Clay to go with him. Africa is a big country and it has many religions in it but Muslim is the most populated there. The Islamic Leaders in America suspended Malcolm X from being Muslim and they would not allow Clay to join him on his voyage to Africa. Right before Malcolm left for Africa Clay had a big fight, as they call in in the books, “The biggest fight in the century!” so they thought. Clay fought Sonny Liston, the heavyweight champion of the world. Clay got in that ring and fought for his life, his future, his dream to become Heavyweight Champion and to take the belt. The sport castors didn’t…

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