MT219 Assignment Unit 6 Essay

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Marketing Research Plan Proposal U Drive Transport
Amy Burman
Kaplan University, MT219 Marketing
Professor Kathryn Kelly

Marketing Research Plan Proposal
U Drive Transport (UDT) is headquartered in Chicago and is a car sharing business located in over 20 major city centers and employees over 500 people. UDT serves densely populated urban areas where consumers tend to feel burdened by owning a vehicle. Consumers are able to subscribe to UDT on a yearly basis, anywhere from 2-80 hours per month, or consumers can rent a car for a 2 hour minimum, a day, a week, or a month. UDT has dominated the US market as the premier car sharing business and is looking to expand into the global market.
Purpose Statement
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This city could also assist UDT in getting a share of the French market later on as 15% of the population speaks French. The Canadian Magazine, MoneySense rated Ottawa as Canada’s best city, which scored strong in, population growth, low crime, number of doctors, and culture, (Livingin-canada, n.d.). Neighborhoods, like Centretown and Glebe have individuals owning fewer cars then those who live in the suburban neighborhoods. Owning fewer cars saves money and those who decide to manage without a car can expect big annual savings. To own a car and drive 18,000 km per year the average cost to an individual is $9,000 annually. Primary Data. This source of data if used would assist in the research to assist in the expansion into not only the global market, but also the current US market. As stated by Lamb et al. (2014), “primary data, or data collected for the first time, are used for solving the particular problem under investigation,” (Lamb et al., 2014, p. 149). One method of primary data collection should be used in this study: Focus Groups. A focus group is a type of personal interviewing. The consumers used for this group discussion should be avid users of UDT and include those by universities, and in major metropolitan areas. This group will be used to gauge response to ease of product usage, curbside appeal, economical and environmentally friendly, and

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