Mr. Stefan Essay

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1.1 Background of Study Racial discrimination is a socially global issue for all minority ethnic groups around the globe especially in America. It was rooted in a history of colonialism and slavery during the 17th century. Racial discrimination usually was used by the dominant or the mainstream ethnicity group as a 'weapon' to exploiting and discriminating the minority. Racial discrimination was inherited by the idea of race or skin colour differences that blacks were always inferior race to whites; whites also reproached blacks as a morally depraved ethnicity that was born to be slaves, and deserved any kind of subjugation and poverty they get along during their life. The history …show more content…
The election of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt began to change the situations as he offered New Deal plans to resolve the Great Depression as well as to promote equality of human rights for African American; even though the New Deal did not end the Great Depression and racial discrimination, but it provides Americans with economic and welfare security that they never had before. After the Great Depression ended, notable African American descendants and antislavery activists were integrated to fight for equality of human rights across the nation. They organized massive protests to urge the government to invalidating segregation and ensuring equality of human rights for African Americans. The climax of the Civil Rights Movement’s struggle was the Great March at the Washington Monument which ended at Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his historical speech during the 1963 march. While many Americans believe that Martin Luther King was the main figure behind the establishment of Civil Rights Act in 1964; in fact there is also another person who put his life on the line to fight for the constitutional rights of African American descendants in order to outlawing racial discrimination against them; so they can be treated

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