Mr. Professional Who Needs No Lessons But Fell Essay

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Mr. Professional-Who-Needs-No-Lessons-But-Fell-Because-I-Didn’t-Know-What-I-Was-Doing ended up missing Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and today’s classes because of back spasms. Or so he said the doctor told him.
Although there really wasn’t anything going on in the two classes we have together, I decided it would be good to take notes and collect the assignments he was missing. I would’ve done the same for his other ones, but I don’t know what they are.
“Making sure your man gets all his work I see,” Mrs. Sorun wickedly smiled at me as she passed by. “What a wonderful fiancée you are, Ariana.” Why she decides to bother me when Tre’s not around is an unsolvable mystery.
“Both of us know that Tre and I,” unfortunately, “aren’t really dating, so why you continue to call him my man,” although I love the thought of it, “is very disturbing and I wish you would please stop it,” until we really start going out.
“No can do, kiddo. Doing stuff like this only makes me believe it more and more.”
I can’t believe I’m about to explain a simple manner to a professor. “Mrs. Sorun, before you get the wrong idea, let me inform you on the reason why I’m collecting all of Tre’s work for him,” I began, not taking my eyes off the paper I was writing notes on. “Isn’t it considered a good deed to help a classmate who’s been absent for a few days to catch up with the rest of the class or should they be held accountable and be so far behind they’ll eventually flunk the class and will be required to…

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