Mr. Goofus Is A Citizen Of The United States Essays

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Express Warranty
Mr.Goofus is a citizen of the United States who resides in the state of Colorado. While shopping one day at the National Hardware Store, he purchased a claw hammer with a wooden handle, which was manufactured by The Really Good Tool Company. The labeling on this particular claw hammer stated, “Quality checked – 5 year guarantee”. Over the next 3 years, Mr. Goofus retrieved his claw hammer from his toolbox and properly used it for various projects. About 3 years after purchasing the claw hammer, Mr. Goofus was working on a project which involved railroad ties. Mr. Goofus used the hammer to pry the spikes out of old railroad ties. The spikes were large, 1 and ½ inch in diameter and 10-inches in length. Even with the age and wear of the railroad ties, Mr. Goofus was unable to pry the spikes from the railroad ties using the claw hammer alone. Due to the difficulty in removing the spikes with the claw hammer, he decided to slip a 4-foot-long pipe over the wooden handle. By doing this, he increased his leverage and he was able to successfully pull up one spike. He then moved on to removing the second spike by using the same technique. While working on the second spike, he applied his weight and the wooden handle of the claw hammer broke. This caused the free end of the pipe to swing up and smack Mr. Goofus on the head. This event resulted in a serious injury to Mr. Goofus and he was told he will never fully recover. In this particular situation,…

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