Interest Groups: The Rising Cost Of Education

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An interest group is a collection of people who try to influence politics or the policies of government, business, etc., in a way that helps their own interests. The power of an interest group varies depending on the time and specific group, but generally speaking, their power and presence remains a constant on the political scene today.
Today, countless interest groups are trying to address the issue of the rising cost of education in the U.S. If I or individuals like myself, who just finished taking an introduction to Political Science class in college, were interested in addressing the rising cost of education in the U.S., the best way this could be accomplished would be to establish a public interest group to inform the public about the
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College is becoming less and less affordable. Today, a majority of college students have a colossal amount of debt once they graduate from college. This debt stems from student loans, which most college students need to pay for college. A public interest group focusing on the rising cost of education in the U.S. would attract a diverse group of people because the issue is a major concern for almost everyone but especially so for individuals who went to college recently or are currently enrolled in college and their families. Mostly it would impact those individuals with the greatest financial needs and in all likelihood have a disproportionately large impact on the poor and underprivileged. These individuals are most affected by the rising cost of education in the U.S., and thus, are most likely to join a public interest group that is focused on addressing that problem. There are a number of strategies we would employ to advocate on behalf of this group. First, we would establish a database of group members, so we could correlate where the group members live with their members in Congress. That database would also have notes for key committee members in Congress so we could target members with our messaging.
Second, we would establish a website, twitter, Facebook and use other social media to communicate
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argue that the extreme amount of money it takes to run for office, along with the things candidates need to do to get the money, leaves the door open to the influence of special interest groups who play a vital role in raising this money. Even though some legislators may not be particularly concerned about this issue, there’s a greater increased likelihood of them voting to support initiatives to help slow the increasing cost of education simply because they fear losing the money that enables them to run for office in the first place. At the very least as a donor one can be assured your views will be

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