Moving Towards Body Positivity Essay examples

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Moving Towards Body Positivity
Growing up in the early 2000s, the pressure for females to be skinny was intense. Models, actresses, singers, socialites, and most of the women seen in the media were super skinny and very tall. Looking back on my childhood, I recall Paris Hilton being the prime example of a women that exhibited the “ideal” body type. Hilton’s protruding hip bones, scrawny arms, thin legs, and thigh gap, paint the picture of what women, and men alike, found to be the most appealing. However, not everyone is a size 00 like Hilton; in fact, most of us are not. But because of the high pressure to look like the super skinny celebrities we see in the press, women became obsessed with being thin. Due to society’s expectations, those who didn’t fall into the skinny category, weren’t seen by themselves or others as beautiful.
Many women are just born with skinny body types, and others earn their thin figures by eating healthy and working out. Unfortunately, however, there are many who try to get there by unhealthy means. Especially in the early 2000s, it was common for women to starve themselves, exercise their bodies beyond healthiness, and develop eating disorders. While women thought that getting skinnier would make them feel better, they often felt worse about themselves due to the dangerous conditions they put their bodies in.

Despite the negativity following the desire to be so skinny, we still saw these women on TV, the Internet, billboards, magazines,…

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