Movie: the Firm Essay

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Movie: The Firm

Sydney Pollack's film The Firm is a drama based on an desire to escape from the law firm (Berndini, Lambert, and Lock) from which he was hired. The relatively small but wealthy firm wines and dines the ambitious Harvard Law
Graduate's (played by Tom Cruise) with money and gifts in order to make him part of their team. Overwhelmed by the gracious treatment and substantial offer
Mitch McDeere takes the offer to be part of the Firm. The firm gets them caught up in a affluent lifestyle that they never thought they could live. Once involved n the day to day workings of the firm McDeere began to get subtle hints of a corruption with a Mafia mob client. McDeere gets a hold of some information that he shouldn't have had
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Under this view one could assume that the firm took away Mitch McDeeres' value of freedom. During the last few scenes of the movie the FBI agent asked Mitch why he went to all the trouble to do what he did. His reply was " I have a life. A life of my own, not someone else's." At the same time the firm gave
Mitch many things of great value such as a houses, car, and six figure salary. Another form of power that emerges in The Firm is Legitimate power.
Legitimate power is the power that a person receives as a result of his or her position in the formal hierarchy of an organization. Tom Cruise did an excellent job of depiction his characters role in the organization. Mitch was a newcomer to the firm, but he was a very smart individual and a talented lawyer.
Because Mitch was such an intelligent person with a strong educational background he exhibited an subtle hint arrogance. Even with this arrogant attitude when confronted by the senior partner Tom Cruise's character showed his subordinate position with his body language and his use of power tactics such as reason, friendliness assertiveness, and higher authority. These power tactics are fully explained on page 472 of Organizational Behavior. The senior partner's authority over Mitch is a good example of Legitimate power. Mitch McDeere also exhibited a power referred to as expert

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