Movie Review : ' Wolf Of Wall Street ' Essay

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There are a lot of good movies but "wolf of Wall Street" is always my favorite. The movie is directed very nicely and actors and actresses acted very nice and it is also based on a true story. It is most focused, comedy and drug soaked movie. and Everyone wants to be rich including me, every human wants more money in life. Most of the people in this world are not happy with what they have. This life is a race everyone wants to get 1st place. Mostly Middle class and lower class people think money can make them happy but it is not always about money. There is a great dialogue of a famous movie Spider man, the dialogue is "with great power comes great responsibilities. It 's not mandatory that billionaire or millionaire is a happiest person in world. They have problems too. In this movie it shows great social problem which is drugs. The guy is rich in the movie but a point comes when his life is totally messed up. He starts taking drugs, he changes his lifestyle, he not the same person when he was poor.
The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 comedy drama film that depicts a typical life of a
NYC-stock broker named Jordan Belfort also known in real life as Leonardo DiCaprio.
Jordan Belfort went from rags to riches when he started illegally selling penny-stocks.
Jordan, unlike another stockbrokers, had a gift of selling. His words and phrases could convince any buyer. Eventually Jordan climbed up the corporate ladder and started his own company called Stratton Oakmont.…

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