Movie Review: Toothless And The Twisted Dragon

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In this animated motion picture from DreamWorks, the movie opens with spectacular visuals, and proceeds into an interesting story. The hero, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), the son of the islands chieftan, is an inept, bumbling dreamer. He manages to trap one of the most dreaded dragons that attacks his home. The relationship between Hiccup and the trapped dragon, Toothless, is central to the story; the sequences shown as hiccup nurses Toothless back to health are so cute and fantastic. Toothless, a very cute dragon, has a range of emotions, from affectionate and cuddly to fierce. Hiccup tries to convince his father, Stoick (Gerard Butler), that dragons aren’t dangerous.
It starts in a Viking village, which looks like an isolated island in the middle
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Unable to kill a helpless animal, he frees it, helps it, and eventually actually learns to ride it. The movie launches into a series of breathtaking flying scenes, soaring through clouds and skimming along an ocean as Hiccup and the dragon he names Toothless spend some time together. After a while, things seem to be going well, Hiccup keeps his secret and uses the stuff he learns from being with Toothless to impress his fellow villagers. But in most movies, the good doesn’t always last. It is the relationship between Hiccup and the very cute dragon that ties the movie together. The work that went into making Toothless is amazing. He is drawn from DreamWorks Animation’s cartoony style but the movements of the dragon give him life. Toothless is like a loyal dog but with danger. The dangerous side of Toothless is used to help protect his best friend, Hiccup. Toothless is characterized from amazing visuals, and is the best part in this cute movie that children and adults can watch.
How to Train Your Dragon is filled with great characters and Jay Baruchel’s voice work as Hiccup is an ideal fit for the film’s nerdy, awkward lead character. Gerard Butler is gruff and funny and frightening all at once as Hiccup’s Viking father

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