Movie Analysis: The Concept Of Silver Lining's Playbook

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Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) is a man diagnosed with bi-polar disorder who has just been checked out of a mental institution. His road to recovery is extremely tough until he meets Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) who is suffering from depression along with self-destructive promiscuity. Through a mutual agreement, they both indirectly start to help each other address their issues. They set a goal, a dance competition, and take baby steps to achieve that and ultimately bring closure to both of their lives. The Concept of Silver Lining’s Playbook is about how sometimes bad things happen to good people, but you can move past them. Pat Solitano’s life had been affected by many different circumstances. His family, his relationships, and his experiences. His family life is not the greatest. His …show more content…
After discovering his wife Nikki was cheating on him and walking in on them, he almost beats the man to death. While Pat is in rehab, Nikki gets a Throughout the movie Pat is trying to “win back” Nikki. His longing for his estranged wife keeps his anxiety and anger going. Tiffany helps in his recovery process because he has someone to talk to that is not afraid of him, but also doesn 't put up with him. Through anger and her not having a filter, she keeps him in line while also receiving the same treatment from him. They both have a goal set, a dance competition, and make baby steps towards it. They both have to commit to working together, no matter how difficult the other is, and learn to trust someone again. They both realize that each of them have been hurt in the past, and that the only way to face them is to succeed in this dance. Once they perform in the dance competition, they both can come to terms with their losses. Pat’s estranged wife was actually at the dance and he tells her that he has to move on. Tiffany also comes to terms with the loss of her husband and can finally trust another man:

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